Enhanced Lethality and Higher Survivability

In the aerial domain, the demand for flexibility, precision, and rapid response is crucial. The HERO family of loitering munition systems is designed to seamlessly integrate with diverse aerial platforms. Whether it’s a helicopter, a combat aircraft, or other airborne assets, our systems adapt effortlessly, delivering reliable and efficient performance.

The ability to engage targets both at sea and on land, whether stationary or on the move, adds to the strategic versatility of the HERO.

When considering launching a LM from an aerial platform many key factors has to be considered. The HERO systems were specifically designed to support and successfully execute such a complex mission.

Aerial Launch & Operation

The systems are easily integrated into the air-vehicle avionics suite, hence allowing the aircrew to simply operate the munition using the standard controls.

The flight and guidance of the HERO munitions is done from the aerial platform, and can also be transferred to the forces on the ground.

This dramatically enhances the operational range of the air-platform, and its ability to counter low-signature, time-sensitive targets, supporting the ground or Naval forces.

The Loitering Munitions ability to operate at lower altitudes, sometimes lower than the clouds, increases the operational flexibility of the air-platform, especially in near-terrain-flying altitude airspace. While operating the HERO systems, the aerial platform can stay in a stand-off position, significantly lowering its exposure to possible threats, and allowing it to penetrate and neutralize many advanced air defenses.

The HERO systems transcend the constraints of the environment, bringing high precision strikes from the air to both marine and terrestrial targets. All HERO Systems are designed to operate in challenging battlefield conditions, including GPS denied environment and communication interferences.

HERO’s Key Features for Air Operations:

  1. Aerodynamic Stability: Air-to-ground missiles or loitering munitions should possess excellent aerodynamic stability to maintain predictable flight trajectories and accuracy during airborne operation. This stability ensures that the munition remains on course and effectively reaches its intended target. The HERO unique aerodynamic structure enables both stability and exceptional maneuverability at once.
  2. Launch Platform Compatibility: The munitions must be compatible with the specific launch platforms. This includes considerations for size, weight, and attachment mechanisms to facilitate successful integration and deployment. The HERO LM’s can be easily mounted on any aerial platforms with mechanical mechanism only, without any interference with the platform electric systems.
  3. Range and Lethality: Airborne munitions require sufficient range to engage targets effectively from the air. They should possess the necessary propulsion and guidance systems to achieve the desired engagement distances. Lethality, or the ability to inflict damage on the intended targets, is also crucial for the success of air-to-ground missiles or munitions. Hero-400, 900 and 1250 present extended, best in its category ranges.
  4. Resistance to Countermeasures: Aerial launched munitions may encounter various countermeasures from ground-based air defense systems or enemy aircraft. Therefore, they should possess features to counter or evade these countermeasures, such as advanced electronic warfare capabilities, low radar cross-section, or decoy systems. The HERO systems can safely operate even in a GPS denied environment and complete its mission.
  5. Safe Separation and Release: The HERO munitions are designed for safe separation and release from the launch platform. This includes proper ejection mechanisms, avoidance of interference with the host aircraft’s operation, and stability during separation to prevent accidents or malfunctions.
  6. Environmental Adaptability: The HERO Airborne munitions can operate in various environmental conditions, including different altitudes, temperatures, and weather conditions. They are designed to withstand these conditions, ensuring reliable performance in different operational scenarios.
  7. Integration with Command and Control Systems: The HERO Airborne munitions are capable of seamless integration with the host aircraft’s command and control systems. This allows for coordinated targeting, mission planning, and effective control of the munition during its airborne operation.
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