AVision Systems – India

AVision is a Joint Venture between UVision and Aditya Precitech, an Indian-based company.
Based in Hydrabad, AVision manufactures and markets Loitering Munitions in India under the brand PALM (Precision Attack Loitering Munitions) addressing the needs of the Indian Defense and Paramilitary Sectors.  The PALM loitering munitions are based on the combat-proven Hero loitering munitions developed by UVision.

The PALM series are designed for different missions ranging from lightweight static or moving targets, such as light-duty vehicles and human targets, to larger fortified or heavily-armored targets, such as MBT (Main Battle Tank), enemy air defenses and other strategic objectives. The PALM series are designed to provide operating forces in the modem battlefield with the ultimate operational flexibility. They bring to the fighting forces unique independent fire capabilities combined with quality ISR, allowing them to locate, track and engage time sensitive low signature enemy targets at extended ranges organically and independently. The company’s solutions are tailored for unique flight qualities, high agility, and are multi-mission – while a very low signature and a near-silent terminal attack.

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