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Portable Anti-Tank Loitering Munition System

The Hero-120 is medium range anti-armored system, designed to provide front-line forces with organic capabilities that allow them to operate independently, without having to rely on fire support or intelligence gathering from other units or higher echelons.

Being man-portable and/or mounted on a vehicle the system can be easily carried right in to the heart of the operational arena, and easily launched from a protected, hidden position, with very low signature, allowing the launching team maximum safety and flexibility. 

The Hero-120 systems are especially designed to provide significant advantage to field-deployed tactical units and small independent and dismounted forces (including Special Forces). They allow these forces to employ a unique combination of independent Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Ability, along with extended-range Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) fire-power.

Unparalled Organic Lethality

The Hero-120 is launched pneumatically from a launcher generating low acoustic and visual signatures. Once launched, the system provides the operator with the ability to independently locate targets, ‘investigate’ them (using a gimbaled Electro-Optic & Infra-Red camera), choose the direction, the angle and the timing of the attack, and eventually engage the target with pin-point precision. If the situation changes at the last minute the operator can abort the attack in mid-air, return to loitering, and then re-engage the target, choose a different target or stop the mission completely.

Operating and controlling the Loitering Munition is done by the operator (man-in-the-loop at all times) by using communication (datalink-terminal) and hand-held Fire-Control Unit (FCU/OCU). 

The Hero-120 also enables ‘transfer of control’ from the operator to a forward-deployed force that can receive control over the munition and fully utilize it for its missions.



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  • Cruciform aerodynamic configuration enables precise, all-aspect maneuverability including Top Attack against stationary or moving targets and full ‘last seconds’ abort. 
  • Very short deployment time, and full independence to locate targets and engage them (from Sensor-To-Shooter) allows rapid response or pre-planned attacks on various targets such as Tanks /Armored vehciles and soft targets.
  • Electrical engine, silent, easy to operate, easy to maintain.
  • Low signature: Visual, Acoustic, Thermal and RADAR (RCS).
  • Ability to easily pre-program a preferred route and/or change flight route during the mission 
  • Provides real-time live video imagery to the Fire Control Unit (FCU) using a gimbaled, compact, stabilized, day/night EO payload with an onboard auto-tracker. 
  • The operator can select predetermined targets using geolocation reference or visually select and identify targets of opportunity
  • Launched directly from its storage/transport launcher with low signature, safe and non-pyrotechnic booster, and electrically powered.
  • Operate with a high degree of automation with an intuitive user interface.
1 Flight Endurance Up to 60 min 
2 Range (km) Up to 60 Km
3 Warhead Type  Anti-Armor + Anti-Personnel Enhanced Blast 
4 Weight (kg)  18Kg with Canister
5 Man-Portable (Back Packed) Yes
6 Typical Operating Altitude (AGL) 1200 – 3000 feet
7 Power Electrical
8 Camera (for ISR, Tracking and attacking) Three Gimbals (EO/IR)
9 Launch Method
  • Single Canister, Tactical OR platform-mounted (Pneumatic Launch)
  • Multi Canister Launcher (4-12 munitions)
10 Communality (use same operating equipment within Family of Munitions) Yes
11 Choice of attack angle “Top Attack” capability Yes

Launch Platforms

The Hero 120 can be operated on board various platforms, such as: man portable, vehicles, vessels, and helicopters. 

Mounting the Hero-120 on vehicles is a relatively simple mechanical integration, as launching is performed using the same man-portable canister-launcher. It allows the munition to be launched from the vehicle and/or dismounted easily and quickly. 

Multi Canister Launcher (MCL) – The Hero-120 can also be launched from a Multi-Canister-Launcher, as a stand-alone launcher or mounted on a variety of land platform, along with extended range communication kit (dish antenna that will extend the range of the LM to 60 km) and with integrated control unit as  a control station inside the vehicle.