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Tactical, Manpack Loitering Munition System

The Hero-30 is the smallest system among the HERO family of smart loitering systems.

The Hero-30 is an anti-personnel/anti-material tactical loitering munition system, optimized for the demands of modern asymmetric warfare, and designed for precision strikes on targets beyond line-of-sight. Its multi-mission warheads make it a highly versatile asset for military operations, while its compact and lightweight design allows for quick deployment in any terrain, without the need for previous experience. It is capable of engaging targets with pinpoint accuracy, even in densely populated urban areas, open fields, and mountainous terrain.

The Hero-30’s high precision capabilities, reduces collateral damage to a minimum, hence providing all echelons with a significant advantage in modern asymmetric conflicts and challenging battlefield environments.

The Hero-30 loiters above a target, and strikes precisely when the opportunity arises, even if the target appears for only an instant. If the mission is canceled, it has the ability to abort the attack, and return to loitering mode until re-engaging the targets when the time is right.


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The Hero-30 system presents the following features:

Pinpoint strikes with minimal collateral damage
Allows front-line forces quick independent capability to locate, track and engage targets
The system’s automation and intuitive user interface eliminates the need for operators with previous background and experience
Full abort and re-engage capability
Attack at any angle up to vertical, from a wide verity of directions
GPS or manually selected target areas
Lightweight and man-pack portable
Low noise, low thermal signature, and low RCS
Pneumatic launch
High-speed transit flight and low-speed loitering
Real-time live video imagery to the Operator Control Unit (OCU) using a fully gimbaled, stabilized EO payload with an on-board auto-tracker
All-aspect maneuverability against stationary or moving targets BLOS

Product HERO 30
1 Flight Endurance 30 min
2 Range (km) Up to 30 Km
3 Warhead Type  Anti-Personnel Anti- Material (i.e. Light Skin Vehicle)
4 Weight (kg)  7.8 kg with Canister
5 Man-Portable (Back Packed) Yes
6 Typical Operating Altitude (AGL) 650-1650 feet
7 Power Electrical
8 Camera (for ISR, Tracking and attacking) Three Gimbals (EO/IR)
9 Launch Method Canister (Pneumatic Launch)
10 Communality (use same operating equipment within Family of Munitions) Yes
11 Choice of attack angle “Top Attack” capability Yes

Launch Platforms

The Hero-30 is capable of being operated on board of various platforms. it can be Man packed, mounted on a variaty of vehicles, and on small vessels. The compact size and low weight, ideally suit tactical, on-the-move forces, geared to “hunt” mobile and transient threats. 

Example Operational Scenarios:

  • Urban Warfare – launching the Hero-30 “around the corner” in order not to expose the infantry forces to enemy fire, while gathering information regarding threats, obstacles, enemy locations, etc.
  • Special Forces – operations in diversified conditions and situations of either pre-planned missions or or as a quick reaction to opportunities or threats.
  • Mobile Forces – such as forces mounted on armored vehicles, with the task of locating dispersed enemy units.