The Hero-350, is an extended-range, highly lethal weapon system, specially designed for the particular requirements of Air-Platforms-Launch. With low acoustic, visual, radar and thermal signature, and equipped with a significant warhead to counter high-value and fortified targets, the system can locate, track and strike hidden or moving objects with extreme accuracy. Suitable for deployment from multiple aerial platforms, the Hero-350 features high-speed transit flight and a modular payload/warhead compartment, fitted for variety of electronic measures as-well-as explosive ‘Kinetic’ charges, making it versatile enough for almost any extended-range and attack mission.

  • Weight 45 Kg
  • Warhead: 10 kg
  • Range: 150 km
  • Endurance:  2.5 hr.
  • Communication Range: 150km
  • Launch Method: M299/M310 and similar

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