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The Hero Family
designs, manufactures and delivers a comprehensive range of lethal loitering solutions. Suitable for deployment from air, land and sea, these solutions meet the requirements of today’s new battlefield doctrines for combat operations in complex, dynamic environments.

Innovative Technology
’s solutions incorporate advanced airborne guidance, a unique cruciform configuration, navigation systems, abort and recovery capabilities, embedded simulators and C4 stations fully integrated with high-speed data links.

Increased Operational Effectiveness
Hero features high-speed transit flight and low-speed loitering, depending on the tactical or strategic needs of the mission. Automated flight to target areas allow simple user-friendly control; final targets are visually selected ensuring full mission control.

High Precision Strikes
Hero incorporates a wide range of advanced, cost-effective technologies to enable high-precision terminal engagement with minimal collateral damage.

UVision at FIDAE, Santiago, Chile

Loitering munitions solutions for the modern battlefield


Tailored to meet specific requirements, ’s HERO family incorporates unique flight qualities, advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack munitions and C4 stations fully integrated with communication links.

regularly participates in tradeshows and conferences around the world. We invite you to see our loitering solutions first-hand at the any of the upcoming events, please contact [email protected], to set a meeting.

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