At UVision, we highly value long-term partnerships with our customers, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) throughout the entire product lifecycle, optimizing logistics requirements. Our commitment is to deliver tailored ILS packages that precisely meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring efficient and effective support for our systems throughout their operational lifespan.

Our ILS strategy is designed to achieve the highest operational availability under the changing operational conditions, while maintaining the lowest possible Life Cycle Cost (LCC). From the initial stages of system acquisition to the utilization of the system by operational units, we prioritize supportability, reliability, availability, maintainability, and testability. These key metrics serve as indicators of the system’s performance and readiness.


A critical aspect of our ILS approach is the implementation of advanced, nowadays training methodologies. We provide comprehensive training programs to operators and technicians, enhancing their skills and proficiency in handling our systems. Technical literature is available in digital formats, providing guidance and knowledge for system maintenance and operation, at any time and any place.


Packaging, handling, storage, and transportation processes for the HERO family of systems are complaint with military standards and common practices. We place significant emphasis on design interfaces to ensure seamless integration of our systems with various platforms, minimizing costs and resources. 

By implementing ILS principles tailored specifically to the unique requirements of the defense arena, we ensure that our systems are supported effectively throughout their life cycle. We constantly strive to optimize performance, reduce costs, and enhance overall supportability, providing our customers with reliable and efficient solutions in the field of loitering munitions.