Land Missions 

Simple Deployment and Flexible Operation

The HERO family represents a new standard in the arena of Loitering Munitions (LM), offering unparalleled versatility across an extensive range of military units and mission scenarios. Designed for both tactical and strategic operations over diverse ranges – from short to medium and long distances, our solutions demonstrate unparalleled compatibility with both man-pack portable and vehicle-mounted deployments, lending crucial support to ground forces

Extremely lightweight, and man-portable, the HERO LM can be carried right into the heart of the battle and deployed within minutes. With a pneumatic launch, low noise and low thermal, visual and radar signature, HERO is a silent, invisible, surprise attacker – a major asset both in rural and urban battlefields.

Remarkably lightweight and man-portable, the HERO LM can be transported directly into the combat zone and deployed swiftly within minutes. Equipped with a pneumatic launch system and demonstrating extremely low footprint – low noise, low thermal, visual and radar signatures, the HERO LM emerges as a silent, invisible, and unexpected attacker, providing a significant advantage in both rural and urban battlefields.

Drawing upon extensive field experience and combat-tested, HERO LM’s offer simplicity in operation, specifically tailored for land forces operating in challenging conditions. A unique feature of the HERO series is its ability to transfer control between different units and forces in the battlefield while in midair, equipping the modern soldier with the flexibility to harness the advantages of the entire line of munition at their discretion.

The HERO family offers full commonality, even to frontline dismounted units and small light forces, providing highly accurate, long-range, heavy firepower integrated with advanced ISR. This level of strategic capability, previously achievable only through complex collaboration between multiple units and echelons, introduces a new range of operational possibilities to the land-forces battleground.

Variety of Missions & Targets for all Echelons 

The HERO system consistently showcases its effectiveness against a diverse range of targets, including infantry, light-skin vehicles, tanks, fortified enemy positions, air defenses, and high-value installations, thus delivering a considerable edge in contemporary conflicts.

Designed for rapid deployment and autonomous target acquisition & attack, the HERO loitering systems can be utilized across all military echelons, from individual soldiers to central command, for both strategic and tactical missions.

Urban Warfare and Populated Areas

In urban environment the HERO-30, 90, and 120 systems provide unprecedented tactical advantages. They allow forces to independently locate, identify, and track small, time-sensitive elusive targets and conduct calculated, pinpoint strikes.

The HERO systems are designed to minimize collateral damage. They enable forces to validate the need for attack and exercise their unique midair abort capability, which allows the system to re-enter the loitering mode, and subsequently resume the attack or be reassigned to other targets.

Rural Environment and Open Battlefield

In rural and open battlefield scenarios, the HERO-90, 120, and 400EC systems are capable of executing accurate, lethal, and surprise attacks against mid-range hard targets such as tanks, vehicles, concrete fortifications, air defenses, and other high-value enemy installations.

Thanks to the unique NLOS control and guidance, operating soldiers can conduct attacks from secure, covert positions, thereby significantly improving their survivability.

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