HERO Simulator

Immersive Virtual Training for Enhanced Operator Proficiency     

UVision’s Hero Training and Simulation system enables users of all skill levels to train in a realistic environment, encompassing a wide range of operational scenarios– while significantly reducing the systems’ Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

Powered by UVision’s software and user-friendly GUI, the simulator operates on the operational Hero Fire Control Unit (FCU), delivering an authentic training experience. It utilizes original flight and weather data, and offers recording and debriefing modes to provide valuable feedback to trainees. The HERO Simulator is highly flexible and customizable, with the ability to incorporate new features based on user demand, making it an ideal tool for ongoing operations.

Realistic and Versatile Simulated Environment

The simulator utilizes a 3D terrain model with photo-realistic textures, creating an immersive and detailed environment for end-to-end mission simulations. It accurately replicates lighting and weather conditions, includes models of specific areas of interest, and offers various target scenarios.

Multi Munition Squad Trainer 

The Multi-Operator Simulator provides an advanced training environment that supports simultaneous operation of multiple HERO systems within a single operational scenario, by multiple operators. This unique feature facilitates an in-depth understanding of the critical role of loitering munitions in a dynamic and evolving battlefield. Additionally, the multi-trainer features an integrated system with one instructional station and multiple trainee stations, enabling simultaneous training on multi-munition systems by several operators.

Fire Control Unit Embedded Simulator 

With seamless integration directly into the real FCU, our embedded simulator offers unmatched comfort and effectiveness. It allows operators to refine their skills on-the-go, without the necessity for extra equipment or dedicated training areas.