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UVision Air Ltd. designs and manufactures combat-proven Loitering Munition Systems, providing militaries around the globe with precise and effective operational attack capabilities. The innovative, cost-effective Systems are based on cutting-edge technology and 30 years of extensive field experience by a professional management and engineering team.

The HERO Systems provide high precision strike capabilities based on unique aerodynamic platform configurations. UVision Loitering Munitions are designed for unique flight and attack profiles for the most precise attack in their class. 

UVision integrates advanced airborne guidance and sophisticated on board navigation algorithms, combined with C4I stations – hence meeting the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s modern battlefield challenges for combat in complex, dynamic environments.

The HERO Series of Loitering Munitions are suitable for tactical and strategic targets ‒ whether for short, medium or long ranges. The modular design provides flexibility to use a variety of warheads to ensure maximum mission effectiveness. The units are operationally deployed and field-proven.

UVision is an ISO certified company ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained. UVision is committed to providing turnkey solutions to its extensive network of partners and customers located around the world with high quality and fast response support.