At Sea

Multi-Dimensional Coverage of the Naval Arena

The HERO series of Lethal Loitering Munitions offers unique operational solutions to the varying dimensions of naval warfare. With their extended range and distinctive transfer-of-control feature, these systems provide versatile use, enhanced cooperation, and synergy between vessels and other units, coupled with rapid responses to rapidly-evolving threats.

Launched from either single or multi-canister launchers, and easily integrated with existing Naval Command and Control (C2) and target-acquisition systems, the HERO systems offer highly affordable solutions to the growing challenges in the complex naval arena.”

Whether it’s a compact speed boat equipped with a single canister launcher or a formidable battleship armed with a multi-canister launcher, the HERO systems can engage targets on-the-move at sea, or strike with precision at onshore locations, offering extraordinary tactical advantages. 

Sea to Sea 

The HERO-30, 90, 120, and HERO-400EC systems present advanced, cost-effective alternatives to the medium-range, on-deck anti-ship missile systems presently in use. These solutions augment autonomous target acquisition and firepower, fostering enhanced collaboration between operational vessels. Beyond their capability to counter small, swift-moving threats, these systems contribute additional operational value. They empower the firing vessel with the ability to investigate suspicious targets, ascertain the necessity for an attack, and carefully select the aim point to deliver a calculated effect.

Sea to Shore 

The Hero-30,90,120 and 400EC Loitering Munitions provide operating vessels the capability to locate, track and engage concealed targets, even when these targets are not in direct line-of-sight or are behind obstacles such as coast-line buildings. 

This can be conducted from a safe distance, effectively shielding the launching vessel from many coastal threats and considerably enhancing the operational range of most Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs).

HERO’s Key Features for Sea Operations:

  1. Waterproofing and Corrosion Resistance: Designed also to support sea operations, the HERO is adequately waterproofed to protect internal components from water damage and exposure to saltwater.
  2. Marine Navigation Capabilities: The HERO Loitering munitions  have enhanced navigation capabilities suitable for maritime environments. This includes accurate positioning systems that can handle the challenges of sea conditions, such as wave motion and GPS signal interference near the water’s surface.
  3. Maritime Payloads: HERO systems intended for sea operations can include specialized payloads suitable for engaging targets at sea. These can include anti-ship warheads, sensors for maritime engagements, or other payloads tailored to maritime warfare scenarios.
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