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We, at UVision share one mission: to bring state-of-the art products to our customers. And this is done with our commitment, innovation & a deep passion for our work!

UVision designs, manufactures and delivers innovative, cost-effective, unmanned aerial loitering munition systems for customers worldwide. We develop solutions that are tailored for unique flight qualities, advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack munitions and CI stations fully integrated with communication links.

Built on extensive field experience by a professional management and engineering team from both military and aeronautic backgrounds, UVision brings superior loitering solutions for customers worldwide.


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Job Description:

  • Supervising bookkeeping team
  • Preparation of periodic & annual financial statements, including consolidation of subsidiaries
  • Preparing and Monitoring financial reporting – budget vs actual, revenues, cost analysis & forecast reports
  • Monitoring Company’s cashflow.
  • Manage all monthly, quarterly and year end closings and preparing of monthly financial statements and analysis
  • Support quarterly and annual audits
  • Writing and managing finance and procurement procedures

Job Requirements:

  • CPA experience from a large accounting firm
  • 3+ years’ experience in a global Hi-tech company, experience from a project company – advantage
  • Experience with Subsidiaries abroad – advantage
  • Prior knowledge with ERP Systems, Priority – advantage
  • Fluent verbal & written English skills
  • Strong Microsoft Excel and Office applications skills

R&D and Engineering

Job Description:

  • Designing company products – System wide, Hardware architecture
  • Designing and Planning Electronic Circuits, from concept to product
  • Designing and Planning Electronic Harnesses as well as other electronic items
  • Subcontractor management as well as performance reviews
  • Working with teams that include system engineers, Software developers, mechanical engineers and integration personnel
  • Participate in Trials, Performance testing as well as reviews

Job Requirements:

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering
  • At least 5 years experience as a Hardware Engineer, Board Design
  • Ability to lead product creation independently
  • Ability to Design and Plan Analogue and Digital circuits including:  Choosing Materials, Schemas, Diagrams, Design Reviews,  Guidelines for circuit creators and Leading testing process.
  • Ability to create testing documentation, leading integration process through to product creation, ability to move from development to production
  • Experience with reviews with EMC standard.
  • High Level Hebrew and English

Job Description:

  • Responsibility for managing the development of a system or parts of it throughout the product life cycle, taking into consideration the customer’s needs / requirements, time and budget outlined by the program manager
  • Leading the integration process of a project
  • Handling system engineering conflicts
  • Accompanying and monitoring work plans
  • Writing system specifications
  • Accompanying Design Reviews
  •  Subcontractors – writing requirements and technical management specifications.


  • BSc. in Electrical Engineering /software engineering
  • At least four years as a System Engineer
  • Ability to develop system engineering processes
  • Experience in developing autonomous/ aerial/ multidisciplinary systems- big advantage
  • High level English, creativity and great people skills

Job Description

  1. Leading Implementations of RT Embedded development
  2. Carrying out integration of software and hardware (system wide)
  3. Implementing additional tools and functionality of existing systems
  4. Instructing and giving tools as well as supporting the testing team (SQA)
  5. Documenting development and code according to required standards
  6. Working with teams that include system engineers, Software developers, mechanical engineers and integration personnel
  7. Participate in Trials, Performance testing as well as software reviews


Job Requirements

  1. BSc in Computer Programming
  2. At least 5 years experience in software development in C/C++
  3. Ability to Understand system wide design
  4. Ability to work independently and in a team
  5. Ability to create development documentation, unit tests
  6. Good inter personnel communication
  7. High Level Hebrew and English

Job Description

  1. Development and delivery of mechanical solutions according to requirements
  2. Research and characterization of materials and multidisplinar mechanical assemblies
  3. Development of concepts and solutions for creation of mechanical sub-assemblies
  4. Execution of preliminary and detailed mechanical design, including standard finite elements analysis (FEA) for parts and sub-assemblies
  5. Configuration of parts and purchasing processes in order to complete a POD (Proof Of Design) purposed prototype
  6. Detailed prototype assembly for each sub-system, test procedure preparation assistance and test procedure leadership
  7. Support for key tests which are required for the POD process
  8. Design and development of systems according to environmental conditions requirements
  9. Support and assistance for sub-contractor operation
  10. Support for design review creation
  11. Product portfolio creation and manufacturing adaptation support


Job Requirements

  1. B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering – must
  2. 5 – 10 years of proven experience in design of mechanisms – must
  3. Deep familiarity with material choosing for manufacturing processes and design for environmental conditions for products in the defense industry – must
  4. Experience in leading an engineering product process from design through prototypes and serial manufacturing – must
  5. Full control in SOLIDWORKS CAD modeling software, including standard finite elements analysis (FEA) – must
  6. Familiarity with configuration control and QA processes – ECP, ECO, MRB – must


Training & Simulation


Job Description:

  • Responsibility for meeting delivery dates – New Product Introduction (NPI) serial production , including building of production line plan. Taking into consideration resources and  raw materials availability.
  • Planning and implementing decisions affecting the acquisition of materials from the initial project stage through to final delivery.
  • Planning the acquisition of raw materials – adaptation and modeling of the information system, issuance of procurement requests
  • Monitoring of operational measurements and logistics
  • Responsibility for the inventory, warehouse storage control, as well as the flow of material to the company, both on the production line and externally


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering / Practical Engineer or any other relevant degree
  • Four years of experience in Production Planning and Control, of which at least two years in a manufacturing company
  • Ability to lead multiple tasks and interfaces within operations and development
  • Experience in determining and deciding upon equipment acquisition policy, Risk management and optimizing production design
  • Ability to operate at full System level, as well as the capability to perform in-depth analysis of issues and problems. Finding and suggesting root cause solutions for issues and problems found
  • Experience and High level of control using Priority and  EXCEL applications

Sales & Marketing

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