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We, at UVision share one mission: to bring state-of-the art products to our customers. And this is done with our commitment, innovation & a deep passion for our work!

UVision designs, manufactures and delivers innovative, cost-effective, unmanned aerial loitering munition systems for customers worldwide. We develop solutions that are tailored for unique flight qualities, advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack munitions and CI stations fully integrated with communication links.

Built on extensive field experience by a professional management and engineering team from both military and aeronautic backgrounds, UVision brings superior loitering solutions for customers worldwide.


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R&D and Engineering

Job Description:

  • Development and delivery of mechanical solutions according to requirements
  • Research and     characterization of materials and multidisplinar mechanical assemblies
  • Development of concepts and solutions for creation of mechanical sub-assemblies
  • Execution of preliminary and detailed mechanical design, including standard finite elements analysis (FEA) for parts and sub-assemblies
  • Configuration of parts and purchasing processes in order to complete a POD (Proof Of Design) purposed prototype
  • Detailed prototype assembly for each sub-system, test procedure preparation assistance and test procedure leadership
  • Support for key tests which are required for the POD process
  • Design and development of systems according to environmental conditions requirements
  • Support and assistance for sub-contractor operation
  • Support for design review creation
  • Product portfolio creation and manufacturing adaptation support

Job Requirements:

  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering – must
  • 5 – 10 years of proven experience in design of mechanisms – must
  • Deep familiarity with material choosing for manufacturing processes and design for environmental conditions for products in the defense industry – must
  • Experience in leading an engineering product process from design through prototypes and serial manufacturing – must
  • Full control in SOLIDWORKS CAD modeling software, including standard finite elements analysis (FEA) – must
  • Familiarity with configuration control and QA processes – ECP, ECO, MRB – must

Job Description:

  • Write, debug, & execute manual tests on embedded systems.
  • Work with the developers and test engineers to improve test cases when needed
  • Document, track, and communicate test results, analysis, and unresolved problems

Job Requirements:

  • BSc in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Software Engineering, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, or the equivalent in practical experience and evidence of exceptional ability.
    2-5 years of experience testing embedded systems
  • Experience with IBM tools – Major advantage
  • Be self-motivated and independent.
  • Must be able to anticipate problems, spot opportunities and take a proactive approach to responsibilities.
  • Be motivated to continue to learn new skills.
  • Have strong interpersonal skills to facilitate working within a team and with the customer.
  • Be highly organized with strong attention to detail.
  • Knowledge and experience on working on UAV systems – big advantage

Job Description:

As part of the Uvision Aeronautical engineering team, the team leader will be part of a multi-discipline engineering and design team responsible for aerodynamic, flight control and guidance design, analysis and measurement.

The Aerodynamics engineering team leader will be expected to independently carry out tasks including aerodynamic design, testing and analysis. In addition, Aerodynamics engineering team leader will have an active role in investigating new technologies and design techniques that push the boundaries of Uvision product performance.

Job Requirements:

  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • 10+ years of experience in leading an Aeronautical Engineering Development team
  • Experience in engineering support from development to prototype through to production
  • In-depth knowledge of Flight Mechanics, flight control and guidance systems
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle systems design experience
  • Languages – Hebrew and English , both at a high level
  • Full-time position


  • Proven management of an Aeronautical Engineering development team and Aeronautical Engineering  development processes
  • Leading Aeronautical Engineering development and response to operational requirements
  • Leading early design for UAV, Geometry, Aerodynamics, Performance, Propulsion, Environmental conditions and Weights
  • System analysis, Formulation of requirements for systems and subsystems
  • Planning and developing capabilities and defining flight control and flight stability, Navigation and guidance
  • Definition and accompaniment of tunnel and flight tests
  • Performance research (e.g. Monte Carlo Analysis)
  • Investigation and troubleshooting Support
  • Writing engineering reports in Hebrew and English, for customers and authorities
  • Multidisciplinary integration of methods and initiatives
  • Staff mentoring
  • Data Analysis

Job Description:

  • Software development, implementation and integration

  • Motion Simulation, 3D graphics and Artificial Intelligence

Job Requirements:

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or Software Engineering

  • 5+ years of experience in developing C#, C++ application

  • Excellent systemic understanding of projects

  • Excellent technical and physical perception

  • English- high proficiency

Job Description:

  • Responsibility for managing the development of a system or parts of it throughout the product life cycle, taking into consideration the customer’s needs / requirements, time and budget outlined by the program manager
  • Leading the integration process of a project
  • Handling system engineering conflicts
  • Accompanying and monitoring work plans
  • Writing system specifications
  • Accompanying Design Reviews
  •  Subcontractors – writing requirements and technical management specifications.


  • BSc. in Electrical Engineering /software engineering
  • At least four years as a System Engineer
  • Ability to develop system engineering processes
  • Experience in developing autonomous/ aerial/ multidisciplinary systems- big advantage
  • High level English, creativity and great people skills

Job Description

  1. Leading Implementations of RT Embedded development
  2. Carrying out integration of software and hardware (system wide)
  3. Implementing additional tools and functionality of existing systems
  4. Instructing and giving tools as well as supporting the testing team (SQA)
  5. Documenting development and code according to required standards
  6. Working with teams that include system engineers, Software developers, mechanical engineers and integration personnel
  7. Participate in Trials, Performance testing as well as software reviews


Job Requirements

  1. BSc in Computer Programming
  2. At least 5 years experience in software development in C/C++
  3. Ability to Understand system wide design
  4. Ability to work independently and in a team
  5. Ability to create development documentation, unit tests
  6. Good inter personnel communication
  7. High Level Hebrew and English


Training & Simulation


Job Description:

  • Knowledge of system or subsystem testing throughout the development and production processes, taking into consideration the needs and definitions of system engineering.
  • Experience in the implementation and conduction of final tests for complex systems.
  • Knowledge and ability to perform ESS tests.
  • Assistance in the investigation of malfunctions and phenomena that arise as part of the integration, testing and trial processes.
  • Assistance in writing system specifications and test specifications.
  • Activities may also take place abroad.

Job Requirements:

  • Electronics Technician / Practical Engineer
  • Experience in working with defense / aviation systems
  • Knowledge and understanding in reading electrical / electronic / mechanical drawings
  • Knowledge in reading mechanical drawings – an advantage
  • Initiative, independent and energetic
  • Knowledge of PRIORITY – an advantage
  • English – a must.

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