Tactical, Man-Portable Solutions

Organic Lethal Capabilities for the Maneuvering Forces

In today’s dynamic warfare environment, it is crucial that soldiers can maneuver and execute their missions independently, without relying on stand-off fire-power. Our tactical, man-portable solutions are designed to empower ground forces with an organic and versatile capability for swift and precise target engagement. In today’s dynamic battlefield, the need to detect, locate, and neutralize time-sensitive targets while maintaining mission momentum is crucial for the safety of the forces and achieving mission success. The Hero Family a combat-proven answer to these challenges, offers an array of combat-proven, tactical solution capable of answering these challenges, redefining the concept of ground-based loitering munitions.

Rapid Deployment, Easy & Quick Operation

Man-Portable solutions have to be simple to use and quickly deployed.  Our tactical, backpacked systems have been meticulously designed with a focus on maximum comfort along with maximum lethality.

Our Man-Portable loitering munition systems can be carried on the back by only one single soldier. Whether they are launched from a building window, a vehicle, or directly from the ground, the Hero tactical loitering munitions stands ready for action in less than two minutes, ensuring that precious seconds are not wasted when time is of the essence.

They are launch through a pneumatic launcher in less than 2 minutes, without the need for pre-prepared terrain, enabling the front-forces to engage time-sensitive targets. Unlike traditional systems, no prior terrain preparations are needed, making the systems adaptable to a wide range of environments. Whether launched from a building window, a soft-skin vehicle, or directly from the ground.

This ability to adapt, deploy swiftly, and strike with precision in urban areas, open fields, or mountainous terrain provides all echelons of the military with a substantial advantage. The Hero tactical series represents a game-changing addition to our Land Solutions portfolio, delivering operational excellence when and where it matters most.

Strategic Advantage in Rapid Deployment:

The LM’s backpacks are specifically designed to accommodate one or two pneumatic launchers and the entire suite of system equipment. This operational efficiency directly translates to heightened readiness, ensuring that soldiers can promptly respond to dynamic scenarios. The backpack’s ergonomic design is strategically planned to minimize physical strain on the soldier, fostering sustained focus and agility during critical moments. In essence, the Hero system’s backpack option transcends its role as a mere logistical solution; it serves as a force multiplier, enhancing the soldier’s capabilities and providing a distinctive strategic advantage in the contemporary theater of military operations.

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