AVision Systems Pvt Ltd, India

AVision Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 company that specializes in the Design and Manufacture of Canister Launched Precision Attack Loitering Munitions (PALM), with a capability to observe, identify and destroy enemy targets with all-the-way man-in-loop control. Our Munitions are customized to be fitted with High Explosive, Anti-Tank and Thermobaric Warheads. The entire range of munitions can be launched directly from the storage cum transportation canisters and can be fitted on to Land, Air or Naval Platforms.

AVision is a joint venture between Hyderabad based Aditya Precitech Pvt. Ltd. (APPL) and UVision Air Ltd of Israel


The Precision Attack Loiter Munition (PALM) and Hero series of Loitering Munitions, developed by UVision Air Ltd, were specifically designed to provide front-line forces (including Special Forces) with long-range independent fire capability, combined with advanced intelligence gathering ability that until now could only be achieved by complex cooperation between several units and echelons. 

The smaller models of the PALM series are man-portable. They were especially developed in order to fit the unique operational requirements of small, light, forward-deployed tactical units and Special Forces and infantry units. As a result, they are light-weight, and can be transported into the battle, deployed within 2-3 minutes, launched and fully controlled by a single operator. These munitions can also be installed on a variety of vehicles including soft-skin vehicles (Standard and Non-Standard Commercial Vehicles).


The larger models of the PALM series are transported and launched from a platform (land vehicles or naval vessels). They were developed in order to fit operational requirements of field-deployed units that are tasked with covering more extended ranges, locating targets and engaging them at bigger distances. As a result, they are vehicle-transported, deployed within several minutes, can fly and loiter for longer time and are equipped with more significant warheads.