G-Force, Israel


G-Force, is as a subsidiary of UVision Group dedicated to design, manufacture and deliver innovative, cost-effective, unmanned aerial loitering munition systems for customers worldwide.

G-Force is the lead projects & integration company operating in the Naval, Aerospace,HLS & Cyber, providing state of the art integrated security solutions. G-Force as an engineering integrator solution for our group division includes experts for each of the fields; well positioned to provide designed solutions, services, products and manage implementation for Government Agencies, law enforcement or the commercial sector, in its area of expertise. our team has a proven track record of delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of government and military customers.

Operating since 2000, G-force has for the past 20 years delivered numerous unique defense integrative solutions in the following main domains:


Advanced integrated airborne solutions, manned and unmanned.


HLS and Intelligence integrated solutions, aiming to provide early warning, force or perimeter protection and retaliation.


Naval integrated suites to provide range of solutions from platform, combat Extending Precision Strike capabilities

and intelligence capabilities allowing versatile mission capabilities to each platform. 

Precision missiles & Rockets

Battlefield Game Change
Extending Precision Strike capabilities

Loitering munition armament

HERO systems
BLOS multi targeting systems for air, ground and sea.
Changing the battlefield - proven by combat

Utility Equipment

Folding troop seats
Medical and casualty evacuation systems
Internal auxiliary fuel tank
Rappelling hooks
Ballistic protection of cockpit and cabin floor

Defense Systems

Integrated EW suite includes:
detection system provides advanced tracking capabilities;
Calculating precise trajectory;
making time-to-impact measurements that assign priority levels for countering a multi-missile attack.

Weapon Systems

Observation and Targeting System
7.62 mm Pintle Mounted Machine Guns (Door / Window)
External Rocket/ guided missiles Launchers
Third party armament integration as required.

ISR capabilities

VISINT Day and night optical payload
Observation and Targeting System (laser ) COMMINT capabilities for RF tracking , locating and interception Search and rescue RADAR